The Problem With Labels How Adopting A Label Could Be Keeping You Stuck
Us humans seem to be obsessed with labeling and explaining everything and labels can be very useful, if I went into hospital for an operation, I would want to make sure I was properly labelled so I didn’t come out with the wrong parts missing the same goes for my car or anything else I value and that is the issue with labels. When we label something we give it a value, we take ownership of it and we adopt a need to protect it, this need to protect our labels can make them extremely unhealthy particularly when it comes [...]
How Back Injury Increased my Confidence
It was Friday 14th February 2014, valentines day and I was in the gym. I was planning to get buff for the summer and today was leg day, the gym had add recently bought new equipment and the weight plates were different to the ones I was used to.  I decided to start off on the deadlift, I had worked my way upto 160kg in the last deadlifting session and I still can’t work out what was happening in my head that day but I decided 120kg was going to be a good warm up weight, I think the new [...]
One Lesson I Learnt From Divorce
I was going to start this post by saying that getting divorced was the most difficult experience I have ever had but that’s not true, the divorce was the easy part, even losing the home which had been paid for mostly by me wasn’t that bad. Losing the house was annoying but it wasn’t that bad.  The most difficult thing was leaving my child and having constant battles with my ex-wife to get access to my child, she stopped our daughter seeing me on several occasions and I had to take her back to court several times to get her [...]